Broadcast Your Love: Messaging Change

Broadcast Your Love: Messaging Change

Welcome to Broadcast Your Love, or BYL as we like to call it for short. We’re so happy that you found us. BYL is a non-profit organization that aims to help youth to develop their written and verbal skills as a means to increase their success in multiple areas of their lives, such as at school, in the workplace, and in their personal lives.

Now you may be asking yourself “Why in the world would I would need to work on my communication skills?” I mean you’re a texting machine, you know all the “ins and outs” of multiple social media platforms, and you can bang out an email any time the need comes up. You probably even have mad skills for getting around on the interwebs, not to mention using any number of apps and computer programs that haven’t been mentioned yet. What else is there…?

Our whole society revolves around communication, whether it is in a digital space or in face-to-face conversations. Try to think of a situation where you are trying to accomplish pretty much any goal. Do you want to get your weekend plans figured out with your friends? You need to be able to communicate. Negotiations with your parents? You need to be able to communicate. How about completing school assignments and homework? This may not be one you’re too happy about, but you still need to be able to communicate. What about landing and keeping a great job? You may be shocked to learn that you will need strong communication skills for this too. So, you can see that communication is the key to being able to relate to others and accomplish goals.

Why is this important, you ask? Well, according to a 2009 study by Afterschool Matters (a non-profit that assists teenagers in becoming paid apprentices or club members in various areas such as the arts, sports, and technology) the shift to a “knowledge economy” has generated a lot of concern that today’s young people are entering the workforce without important skills that employers highly value. A knowledge economy is an economy where the quality, amount, and trade of knowledge is more important to growth and success than the means of production or provision of services. Skills that are extremely important in this new economy include communication, critical thinking, leadership, and teamwork. This research also showed that today’s teens use texting as their primary means of communication. Because of this focus on texting their ability to communicate face-to-face is diminishing, which is leading to the general decline of their communication skills. This decline reduces a teen’s ability to function in society, and severely hampers their workplace potential.

There is good news though! At BYL we are committed to providing creative, enriching communications-focused programs for today’s youth. We will help you to develop these vital communication skills with communication initiatives such as journaling (documenting your thoughts, feelings, and progress in hard or online journals), improving your reading and writing skills, developing your social and emotional skills, and incorporating technology along the way. We have plans to help you to become active members of your communities, and increase your ability to achieve success in your future careers.

Are you ready to turn up your game a notch? Well, stay tuned and connected and we’ll keep “broadcasting our love.”

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