About us
Building a better future for young adults is the cornerstone of the work being done by BYL. Starting with our communication programs for youth, and leading into our PR placement initiative, life and communication skills are enhanced by businesses partnering with our program to offer young graduates experience in their fields of interest.

Our Mission
To enhance communication skills for youth through creative, integrative learning programs and processes.

Our Vision
To create opportunities that alleviate social imbalance for youth through communication skills development and ultimately fostering a community of healthy, self-aware, and resilient youth that are effective communicators.  

Our Values

  • Caring Attitude –BYL will demonstrate compassionate support and concern.
  • Diversity –– BYL will recognize those from all cultures and backgrounds in distressed situations with special needs.
  • Integrity and Accountability – BYL will maintain the highest level of integrity in its administrative, educational services, and outreach activities.
  • Partnerships – BYL will develop and maintain strong partnerships with the community in which it serves, and with a variety of strategic stakeholders who serve as ambassadors for the organization.
  • Respect –BYL will encourage both youth and adult participants, encouraging them to develop new life skills to manage stressful situations.
  • Financial Sustainability – BYL will work to be a lifetime resource for creative expression, therefore striving to deliver on the mission with thoughtful strategic choices that ensure sufficient financial.

Our Pillars


The BYL team brings talent along with a strong Passion for learning and achieving success in our approach to assisting schools and organizations develop strong, lifelong communicators.



Backed by extensive research and driven by a desire to give back, BYL recognizes the value of Integrity in addressing challenges being faced by today’s underserved youth communities.



Our social enterprise business model is designed to expose students to real-world experiences with our Community of PR partners, providing them with soft skills development and enhancement.



We’ve developed a number of Creative, life-enriching programs for youth, programs designed to develop skills as simple as a smile and as complex as delivering public relations communications.