Youth Communicating


Welcome to the community that’s just for youth. Teens who want to share their experiences with other youth throughout Texas and maybe even a little further.
This area gives youths a chance to play games, watch engaging videos and spend some time communicating.

Youths’ voices have been missing from mainstream, but things are changing now, and It’s important to strengthen these skills both in writing, speaking and how you present yourselves online. We want to encourage teens to think positively, and show respect—for yourselves and for each other.

Our approach is to have caring adult professional communicators engage teens in social and emotional learning.

The BYL youth community allows teens to freely share so, enjoy the activities in this area make positive changes, and know that we care, we’re “woke,” we hear you.

Check out the platforms below for more ways to engage


Click here to enjoy some entertaining videos and soon our own teen-produced programming.

Share your stories

BYL is a safe place to engage and share your thoughts with us, as well as with new friends you’ll make around the country.


There are some pretty fun games here, but let us know if you have any other suggestions for what we could include

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