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The Problem with Communicating


According to a 2009 study by the non-profit Afterschool Matters which assists teenagers in becoming paid apprentices in industries, the shift to a knowledge economy has generated some widespread concerns. The research discussed the issue of young people entering the workforce without the soft skills employers value like communication, critical thinking, leadership, and teamwork. Further, the study determined that work-based learning is an important part of student preparation for the job market upon graduation. 

Another concern is the ability of young people to communicate face-to-face based on their extensive use of  texting as their primary means of connecting, This general decline in their communication skills affects their ability to function in society and severely hampers their workplace potential. Despite this, technology can be an effective tool to improve their abilities, rather than restrict them.  site importante

Above all, the dangers already impacting at-risk youth, such as familial abandonment and poor role models, have been shown to intensify the disturbing decline in their fundamental oral and written communication skills.


It is time to break this cycle of despair. BYL  believes its communication programming can repair such a broken process through a hands-on approach that builds confidence, leadership, and teamwork skills to prepare youth for the workforce.